The Visible Society

We’re here to create a world where midlife women are valued, supported and celebrated.

And we’re starting by creating a community.

A network of brilliant midlife women oozing with empathy, intelligence and life experience. Women brimming with wisdom, bursting with ideas and ready to pioneer for ourselves once again. Ready to restart our careers and raise our voices to be heard loud and clear in all aspects of business and society. 

Our absence from leadership means younger women have no role models. No one to aspire to. It’s time for us to step up.

A world that forgot we existed is about to get a wake up call. This is the most powerful time of our lives. It’s time we came together to be seen. It’s time to show the world just what we’re made of.

Welcome to a Visible Society.

What is The Visible Society?

  • A community other brilliant midlife women, share stories, build a network, 
  • A network that’s inclusive, supportive and strong.
  • An opportunity to design our futures and pioneer the second half of our careers.
  • A place to have fun. After all, we all know the best bit is in the middle.

Join us and let’s build a Visible Society together.

How do we use The Visible Society?

Invisible to Invaluable: To unleash the power of midlife women. Champion each other. Share our stories. Make ourselves seen.

Courses: Learn new skills in a supportive, safe, social environment. We started, so we’ll finish. 

Employment: To pioneer the second half of our careers: share ideas, be inspired, build businesses

Connection: To create a community. Make friendships. Bond over the things that matter.

Events: To learn, listen and link up. To leave the house and let our hair down, together.

Wisdom: To share our knowledge, offer our empathy, use our experience. To make the most of what life has taught us. To do something great with it.

What will make The Visible Society great?

Honesty, empathy, compassion. 

Inclusion, acceptance, open-mindedness.

Bravery, big ideas, badassery.

A willingness to listen, learn and leave all judgement at the door.

This is a safe space. We trust you to make sure of it.

Get visible – Join us!